As we approach the new year, 2021., We need to hear the voice of the Spirit. We are dealing with many things here in America. Churches closed, money tight, lock downs. I believe it is because God, once again, wants us to go back to witnessing 2 x2 and building small groups.

The purpose is not to build bigger buildings, but reaching out to win whole villages for the Kingdom. Jesus sent them 2 x 2. He never sent them 12 x 12. Instead of the mega church, we need a city wide church. Preaching Grace, the Word, Salvation, and the Resurrection. A city wide church ministering and demonstrating Love, Faith, and Forgiveness.

A church of People helping people and not leaving it to the government programs. If we could each take 12 , train them, and have them start 2×2 forming 6 groups of 12, and keep going with this system, we would duplicate the evangelism of the early church many times forward.