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We are a Non-Denominational  Association of Christians dedicated to becoming ONE body with Jesus Christ. The Team is serving one Captain , Jesus, to plant churches by sharing  His GRACE, His WORD, and His LOVE around the World .The goals are to form one church as it was started at the Cross. To build servants not buildings. To Glorify God in everything we do, saying “Not my will, but yours Lord.”  To Blanket the earth with HIS KINGDOM!

Jerry VanRonk and His Family

About the International Director: Jerry VanRonk

International Director of Team Jesus Ministries, Pastor, Evangelist,Teacher, Missionary, and Author. He has been in the ministry for over 40 years and has planted churches as well as assuming the pastorate of three others. He taught Bible College in Tanzania and has traveled extensively as an evangelist in the USA and internationally.

He has written two currently published books now on Amazon.  As a strict non-denominational minister known for his humor and use of the Word of God applied in a common way, he is a favorite speaker in Conferences and Camps.

Where ever he goes he is witnessing and spreading the Gospel. Miracles have happened and hearts have been changed because he is a man of Faith.

Jerry and his wife Jeanette have been married 37 years. They have raised 5 children and have 17 grand children, 3 great grand children.