My office is at my home . We are not trying to use money to establish buildings , we are trying to use any funds to supply bibles and spread the gospel. The idea of Team Jesus Ministries is to help each country become independent of other countries to spread the same gospel message . Time is short before the Lords return. I ask you an honest question which the Lord has asked me.  When did he ever tell them to get tangled in the affairs of the world, to build buildings, and neglect the multitudes ? The early disciples and Pastors met in the open country and in homes. Sometimes even in jail. Please remember, Jesus said go ye. Not stay and build thee. The New Testament writers were clear that House of God is made up of the believers and not brick and mortar. The offerings were used to feed and help the widows and orphans. Apostle Paul said he never demanded finances. He was given offerings. The success of your ministry depends on four things.

  1. Your commitment to minister the Words of Grace.

2. Your prayer life.  

3. Your trust in Jesus to Supply all that you have need of.

  4. Your Love for others.