Building the House Which Stands After Any Storm

The Lord has given me a Word  for this storm we are in . I would like to share it with you that you might be encouraged and that you might help me get it around the world.  We are giving out this word for free. It is designed to be preached and because it is going out to those in foreign countries we have included the scriptures.  As of now it is in 37 countries .

Team Jesus is an international, non-denomination movement to plant churches, train and equip pastors, to restore the precepts and teachings of the First Church.

At present there is no finances. We are not a ministry to fund orphanages , schools, and other business ministry. We, if possible, will try to get funds to provide bibles and church planting after the present world Storm is over. We can accept donations. We are a 501c-3 nonprofit and all funds will be used to help around the world ,as designated by the givers. We are trying at the moment to get set up to do international training and teaching by internet in both video and written. The website should be up soon.

 I am working to join together 100,000 pastors with the common goal of unity and fellowship.

I have created a group on Facebook where you can post and hookup with others in the group.  Please put you contact information in the comments when you post. And join TeamJesus Ministries group Page on Facebook. Like the page and You will be invited to join.